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(10-12 months)

Students will learn the foundation of abacus skills which are essential for mastering all 4 operations. 



(12-15 months)

Continue to master additions/subtractions up to 3 digits, students will start learning multiplication and division calculations. 


(14 - 18 months)

Additions/subtractions of decimal 3-5 digits. Students will further their skills in more complicated multiplication and division questions.

Platinum & Diamond

Specially designed for dedicated students who loves to advance their abacus skills that beyond the school level. Diamond stage enforces on speed. 

is a gift that none can take away.

Abacus 4 Kids Program Outline1.JPG

**Please note that some schools may have promised a 3-4 years course which is equivalent to our L6 or L5 Level.**
**Duration of the course depending on the student's learning pace, attendance of classes and completion of homework.**

Kiddo Class (5-6 years old) - 60mins

(This is specially designed for kids who have started writing numbers or just started kindergarten or prep)
* Focus on numeral concept

* Face-to-face class (max 5 kids), online class (max 4 kids)

* Emphasis on numbers writing

* Improve fine motor skills

* Improve photographic memory

* Introduce abacus as tool for addition and subtraction

* Create a love for mathematics
* Times table

* Upon completion of the Kiddo program, the student will progress to Achiever level

Achiever Class (6-12 years old) - 80mins

(This is specially designed for school kids)

* Suitable for primary school kids

* Face-to-face class (max 6 kids), online class (max 4 kids)

* Introduction of the abacus as tool for addition, subtraction, multiplication & division

* Boost confidence in mathematics

* Anzan maths (mental calculation)

* Promote speed handwriting

* Speedy mental arithmetic and accuracy

* Mathematics word problem solving questions from Singapore Maths style for higher levels students


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