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Established in April 2014, Abacus 4 Kids possesses the passion to make a difference in kids’ math-learning journey.  Our program trains the kids to be able to do mental calculation with great speed and accuracy using the ancient calculation tool called abacus (aka soroban in Japanese).

From a humble beginning of less than 20 students in single location, we now have nearly 300 students across 6 different locations. With this growth, we have an online system to keep track of individual student’s weekly progress which is accessible via parent portal. Verbal feedback is also given to parents after each class.

Our teachers are carefully selected and receive regular training to maintain a high standard of teaching. Persisting on small class of 6 enables the teachers to give good amount of attention to each student. Homework is included as an essential part of the learning, reinforcing the formulas and skills learnt in weekly class.

Our material is specially and carefully designed by our Director who has received the professional training from PAMA and CMA.  The material includes a whole teaching of abacus technique and school maths focus to fully engage students in many different ways of mastering the skills of abacus. 

With great honour, our school is acknowledged to be the only member to represent Australia in PAMA Global since 2016. Through this membership, we are given the privilege to send our students to participate in the annual international abacus competition. We also organise international grading exams locally for all our students, in both abacus and mental arithmetic, which motivate our students to excel in their journey of learning abacus.

The method of learning and exams combined are to train our students to maintain the international standard of using abacus. Our aim is to make mental arithmetic a lifetime automatic calculating skill for the students so that they can apply more of their cognitive resources towards higher-level understanding in complicated math problems.

2018 Term 4 Enrolment is opened now!

Feel free to call us for a FREE trial class for your kid to know how abacus can help in learning mathematics.


1 Oct, 2018

Official PAMA member represents Australia

Australia Tutoring Association member

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