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"My son started to have an interest in numbers since he was little. At 5 years old, I enrolled him in Abacus. His learning experience has been a positive one. He is the youngest in his class, however, Jaslyn has been patience and let him grow at a pace he is comfortable with and continously support him to overcome challenges. Within a year, my son has increased his ability to focus longer, better memory skill, and do simple addition and subtraction with confidence. Most importantly, he has fun in doing abacus. This will help to boost his studies in primary school year."


~Aderyn, mother of Odi (5yo)~



"Learning at Abacus 4 Kids has been a really enjoyable experience for both my son and me. The curriculum is well organised and kids are given homework every week to ensure they practice the new skills. As parents, we are kept informed and up to date with what the kids are learning. In the classroom, the kids are also taught to be disciplined, focused and respect others. It is not just learning math skills, but also life skills."


~Maria, mother of Joey (8yo)~



"Abacus4kids has been a positive learning experience for my son. He improves not only his math skills but also his effort to listen in the class (no more comments of him being a chatter box from school). I am also happy about the fact that the teacher is more than happy to work together with parents in improving the student's behaviour (if yours is the one that needs it like mine). We are kept informed about our child's progress and what best strategy to help them improve."


~Ester, mother of Evren (8yo)~



"Abacus4kids has been a wonderful and positive learning experience for my son. He went from struggling to add single digits to mental calculations and adding 2 digit numbers in a short time. Most importantly he enjoys goint to the lessons and even brought his abacus to the school for show and tell. It is the best tutoring one can have!


~Noville, mother of Vincent (6yo)~



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